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Listed in Power Engineer Magazine in 2005, and Progressive Farmer's magazine in the late 80s

Electrical Designs in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee

EEE Consulting Firm is the obvious choice for those looking for accurate electrical designs in Georgia, Alabama,and Tennessee. We solicit and encourage Municipalities,EMCs and other Industrial and Commercial customers to utilize our services, Anyone needing the assistance from a licensed electrical engineer is encouraged to call or email us : hleverso@eeeconsultingfirm.com
People Consulting, Electrical Designs in Albany, GA

Designs & Approval

Not only can we provide the design, specifications, and transformer sizes needed to power a building or facility, but we are also licensed to approve plans. Come to us for an honest review of designs, complete with the signature or stamp needed for approval.

Coordination Studies

Once provided with a detailed single-line diagram of the electrical power system, a detailed analysis of all protective devices is conducted. We ensure protected devices are secure and reliable, yielding the optimum circuit performance and minimizing unnecessary power outages.    

Reliability Studies

We ensure optimum electrical power system performance through a detailed circuit/system analysis.Our efforts will maximize the time to failure and minimize the time between failure.

Solar site assessment  and feasibility studies

We Can provide the types of interconnection required based on capacity and site location. We can provide hard copies of detailed system costs per location.We can provide a detailed projected solar generation on an annual basis site specific. 

Efficiency Studies

This field deals with optimizing output versus input. We can do an in depth study/analysis of your power supply and make necessary recommendations for improved efficiency, lowered energy costs and electric bills.

For additional information about these types of services, contact us in Albany/Valdosta,Georgia. Emai:hleverso@eeeconsultingfirm.com