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Lightning Protection, Reliability Studies & Arc Flash Calculations in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee

EEE Consulting Firm in Albany,/Valdosta, Georgia, handles all manners of electrical work beyond common designs, such as lightning protection, reliability studies, and arc flash calculations. It is the primary goal of our electrical engineers to ensure that clients are safe from the hazards that this field of work entails.

Lightning Protection

If you have a power system/ premise that is subjected to damage from lightning, we can help mitigate the damage lightning can cause. Residential, commercial, and industrial clients can offer a detailed description of their system, allowing us to create an effective design.

Arc Flash Calculations

These calculations are used to determine the number of short circuit currents at a prospective site. This information is vital to knowing what calorie of flame-retardant clothing must be worn.

Man Testing Connections

Motivational Speaking/Leadership Development

Not only are we licensed to act as an expert witness in cases involving electrical systems, but we offer motivational speaking. Our representatives will talk about the pros and cons of engineering, choosing a college, renewable energies, and more.

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